Andrei Monastyrski

Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Moscow

The aesthetic field created by Monastyrski is composed of a number of equally significant components – art works, theoretical texts, performances, poetry, as well as the documentation of “Collective Actions” group of which he is the leader and a driving force since 1976. This first museum exhibition of Monastyrski is the starting point for the theoretical comprehension and representation of the artist through a retrospective of his installations.

The exhibition intends to start building a synthetic overview of the artist’s work over the past 30 years, based on installations and documentation of “Collective Actions” performances. It features the works previously not shown in Moscow – installation Fountain, toured major European museums, Goethe, the work of 1976 exhibited at Documenta XII in Kassel and in Chicago, as well as new installations Corridor of CA and Encasements.