DK ‘ZATTERE’ ’19 – ’20

V-A-C Zattere, Dorsoduro 1401, 30123 Venice

V–A–C Zattere launches the second edition of its autumn / winter community and activity led programme, featuring an exhibition, a cine club, co-working space, concerts, performances, workshops, dance, yoga and a live stream connection between Venice and Moscow residents.

Thursday to Tuesday 12pm – 8pm
Wednesday: Closed

The second edition of DK Zattere opens this year on 23 November with the cine club’s first screening, La Mort de Louis XIV by Albert Serra, followed by two live events in the evening – the dark cabaret of Paris-based Canadian artist Bernardino Femminielli and an experimental sound performance by Russian artist Maria Molokova.

The DK music programme looks at the specific themes explored this season, while this year’s DK Cine Club will present three thematic cycles: Just Before the Future, Multicoloured Dreams and Forced to be Together, presenting films by ground-breaking directors defining the nature of world cinema today.

In a first for this season’s DK, a live stream series of online excursions will offer visitors from Venice the opportunity to walk and talk alongside residents in different districts of Moscow, enabling both parties to explore aspects of the everyday as well as to share their own stories, visit landmarks and discuss the cityscape and architecture.