V-A-C, 2011

Exhibition catalogue
Authors: Klaus Biesenbach, Ekaterina Degot, Ilya Kabakov, Andrei Monastyrski, Robert Storr.
Published bilingual in English and Russian.
124 pp

The catalogue embraces reproductions of works of artist, texts of author, text of Ilya Kabakov and the interviews with Klaus Biesenbach, Robert Storr and Ekaterina Degot. This publication is to bring new opportunities to «lattice actualisations» of the work of Andrei Monastyrski. The key figures of the international contemporary art scene present both a universal perspective and the personal viewpoint on his work in their essays and dialogues with the artist.
Andrei Monastyrski is one of the most important Russian contemporary artists, a leader of Moscow conceptualist school. The aesthetic field created by Monastyrski is composed of a number of equally significant components – art works, theoretical texts, performances, poetry, as well as the documentation of «Collective Actions» group of which he is the leader and a driving force since 1976. This first museum exhibition of Monastyrski is the starting point for the theoretical comprehension and representation of the artist through a retrospective of his installations.
The exhibition intends to start building a synthetic overview of the artist’s work over the past 30 years, based on installations and documentation of «Collective Actions» performances.