Douglas Crimp

On the Museum’s Ruins

V-A-C press
2015, 432 pp.

Douglas Crimp is a professor in art history at the University of Rochester, critic, curator and co-editor in the October journal from 1977 till 1990. He is the author of texts on postmodern art theory and of various works on cultural and visual studies.

On the Museum’s Ruins is his collaborative project with artist Louise Lawler. This book collects essays written by Douglas Crimp between 1980 and 1989. Taking as example works by artists like Robert Rauschenberg, Sherrie Levine, Richard Serra, and Marcel Broodthaers, he elaborates the new paradigm of postmodernism and analyses the status of contemporary and classical art in the physical and discursive museum space. Alongside photographic works by Louise Lawler, this book is itself an example of postmodern practice.