Mikhail Tolmachev

Beyond Visual Range/Au├čer Sichtweite

V-A-C & MMKoehn Verlag
2015, 196 pp.

Exhibition catalogue. Ed. by Mikhail Tolmachev, Katerina Chuchalina.
Authors: Iwona Blazwick, Matthew Witkovsky, Mikhail Tolmachev, Katerina Chuchalina, Martin Schmidl.
Published in Russian, in English and bilingual in English and German.

The project curated by Katerina Chuchalina, sees the artist utilize the museum as his medium, looking first and foremost at its role as a monument to wartime and then as a vehicle for the preservation and display of items that aim to provide for the understanding of the history of war and wartime experience. Tolmachev looks at the ways in which war is represented in the media, and in this case in a museum environment in particular. And, as suggested in the title of the show, Beyond Visual Range, digs deeper into the context behind objects, images, documents that one might see on display in a museum vitrine and he questions the role of the interpreter (such as the war photographer, the painters who were once sent to the battlefields to portray conflicts with a brush and canvas, the soldier who today might take his own pictures or make his own video of what is going on around him on his mobile phone). He also compares the responsible participation of someone looking down a gunsight with someone who might look at an image of war displayed in a museum.