Pawel Althamer, Anatoly Osmolovsky

Parallel Convergences / Selected Writings Anatoly Osmolovsky

V-A-C & Marsilio
2014, In 2 vol. 96 pp.

Exhibition catalogue and essays by Anatoly Osmolovsky.
Authors: Pawel Althamer, Maria Chehonadskih, Nicholas Cullinan, Anatoly Osmolovsky, Artur Żmijewski.

This publication is a double edition. The first book is a catalogue of the Paweł Althamer and Anatoly Osmolovsky Parallel Convergences exhibition. While the second is a selection of texts written over the course of the last decade by Anatoly Osmolovsky.

Parallel Convergences project brings together for the first time the work of Paweł Althamer and Anatoly Osmolovsky. The exhibition pairs them in a fluid conversation that acknowledges the divergences between their works as well as the many similarities and overlaps. Paweł Althamer is represented by works that embody some of the main concerns tackled in his work: collaboration, self-portraiture and the centrality of subjective human experience. Anatoly Osmolovsky is considered in the exhibition by a survey of his work in all media dating from the early 1990s until now, most of which have seldom been seen outside Russia.

The texts for Selected Writings by Anatoly Osmolovsky are arranged in chronological order over the course of the last decade. Osmolovsky has analysed Moscow Actionism, of which he was a founding member and an active participant. The progression of ideas can clearly be seen, with the same themes and problems, the solution of which posed a pressing problem.