Sergey Sapozhnikov

Total Picture

V-A-C & Marsilio: 2014. 58 pp, contains vynil. Published bilingual in Italian and English

Exhibition catalogue. Authors: Giovanna Bertazzoni, Francesco Bonami, Teresa Iarocci Mavica, Alexey Khevelev, Elena Yaichnikova, Annalisa Zanni.

The catalogue of the solo exhibition Total picture presenting photographic works by the Russian artist Sergey Sapozhnikov at Poldi Pezzoli Museum in Milan is designed by Christoph Radl and includes essays by Giovanna Bertazzoni, Francesco Bonami, Teresa Mavica, Annalisa Zanni and Elena Yaichnikova. This is a debut show of the artist in Italy and his first in a historical museum, which features a selection of photographic works combining images of the interiors of the museum from the archives, existing work from the V-A-C collection and a series of dynamic new photographic works shot during Sapozhnikov’s residency at the museum. The new work of Sapozhnikov, produced specifically for the show, is a result of the artist’s total immersion in his surroundings. He presents a series of photographs of the museum’s interiors, in which he plays with detail, proportion and light. The publication is accompanied by the vinyl record featuring the piano set ‘Six Preludes’, recorded exclusively for the exhibition by Rostov composer and pianist Alexey Khevelev.