V-A-C, 2012
100 pp.
Published bilingual in English and Russian

Exhibition catalogue. Ed. Anastasia Ryabova.
Authors: Irina Alexandrova, Daria Atlas, Nicolas Audureau, Alexey Buldakov, Maria Chekhonadskikh, Sergey Guskov, Adam Leeds, Nikolay Ridny, Anastasia Ryabova, Olga Zhitlina.

The bilingual catalogue embraces not only an information concerning artists and their works, but also economic theoretical texts. The contributors are: Irina Alexandrova, Daria Atlas, Alex Buldakov, Sergey Guskov, Olga Zhitlina, Adam Leeds, Nicolas Audureau, Nikolai Ridnyi, Anastasia Ryabova, Maria Chekhonadskih.

The exhibition, conceived by Anastasia Ryabova, features young artists from Russia, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Austria, the Netherlands and France. Whether or not we understand the workings of the modern economy, we are all constrained to operate in a world of our own needs and limited resources. Economic necessity weighs so heavily on us that we perceive the free market as the only possible field of interaction for human interests – and often as a field that is thoroughly hostile. The incredible complexity of modern financial capitalism – at times bordering on the absurd – is a cause of growing alienation and artistic and political vigilance. The False Calculations Presidium questions the nature and role of the market economy in our lives, summing up the artists’ experience of themselves as economic entities. This is an attempt to elicit the artists’ responses to global economic processes that are also occurring in contemporary art, turning it into an experimentation site for free enterprise.