Kirill Gluschenko

Venets. Welcome to the Ideal

V-A-C Press, Gluschenkoizdat, 2017
Soft cover, 320 pages, 500 copies

Thus begins an article by special correspondent Ivan Vasiliev in the November 20, 1967, issue of the journal Sovetskie Profsoyuzy (“Soviet Professional Unions”). This issue was published on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the October Revolution, which was widely celebrated across the country. The choice of the city was hardly incidental; over the next three years, the provincial town of Ulyanovsk, taking up the banner of “the Homeland of the Leader of World Revolution Must Live Up to Its Status,” would undergo a total transformation, finishing just in time for April 1970, the 100th anniversary of the birth of Vladimir Lenin.
Today, a half-century later, on the 100th Anniversary of the October Revolution, the publishing house Gluschenkoizdat again turns the focus to Ulyanovsk. Known for its interest in the study of everyday life, the publisher has decided to venture a new angle on the subject by exploring the everyday of the “ideal.” The test case for this research was the Venets Hotel. Opened in March 1970, the hotel was a Superior [This means above the required standards‚ÄČ-‚ÄČEd.] B class facility, offering a glimpse into what constituted the ideal aesthetics of everyday life for tourists who wanted to visit the birth place of Vladimir Ilyich.
This hotel was part of a larger complex of buildings, that were specially constructed to mark the anniversary in Ulyanovsk, a small Soviet town formerly known as Simbirsk, renamed in honour of its most famous son, Lenin (born Ulyanov).
Venets project is a part of exhibition ‘Space Force Construction‘, V-A-C Foundation, Palazzo delle Zattere, Venice (13 May 2017 – 25 Aug 2017).